Acting Techniques

Incorporates different world renowned techniques which help in understanding, analysing and applying the craft of Acting. The module spans the history of Acting: traditional and classical modes of Acting, modern Acting i.e. method Acting / realistic form of Acting and the post-modern, i.e. contemporary methodologies, to comprehend the art of performance more efficiently.

Creative Body Movements

The body is the basic tool of an actor, just as brushes and canvas are to a painter. Creative body movements are prime exercises, which are conducted in the beginning of almost every acting class. These movement classes enables one to become graceful and energetic, and makes one aware of factors like rhythm, gait, pace, tempo, gestures, postures, body language, compositions, etc. which later help one in understanding scenes more effectively.


The beneficial role of Yoga in shaping the body and the mind is beyond dispute. Students are introduced to Yoga at ACTOR PREPARES so that they can tap into this unique life skill to help them focus their minds on the discipline of acting.


Actors need to be in sync with tune and rhythm. To equip students to meet the demands of Indian cinema, ACTOR PREPARES has a competent array of dance instructors in modern dance, Indian dance, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Bollywood routines.

Diction and Speech

The students are taught the importance of clarity of speech -articulation as well as expressions. The students are made to analyze and study various monologues from plays and films, which later helps them in dialogue delivery.

* Conditions Apply on all courses & Fees

Weekend Workshop

Acting & Dance: : Rs 12,500
Only Acting : Rs 10,000

General Acting

Duration: 8 weeks.
Course fees - INR 20000 + Dance INR 5000 = 25000 + Service tax

General Acting

Duration: 6 weeks.
Course fees - INR 75000/- + Service tax (Full Payment)

Professional Acting

Duration: 16 weeks daily 2-4 hours
Course fees (Indian)- 175000/ + Service tax (Full Payment)
Course fees (Foreigner) - 250000/- + Service tax (Full Payment)

Advance Professional Acting

Duration: 16 weeks daily 2-4 hours
Course fees (Indian)- 300000/ + Service tax (Full Payment)
Course fees (Foreigner) - 400000/- + Service tax (Full Payment)